About All Nations

Called by Jesus, All Nations Church exists to demonstrate the love of God to the communities in which we live. Through the foundations of Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit, we believe that all areas of life are transformed by the love of God: individuals, families, communities, cities and nations. The best way to understand the way we live this out is by attending our Sunday morning meetings or one of our connect groups. Our meetings are characterized by the presence of the Holy Spirit and the fellowship of believers.

Appelés par Jésus, nous, les membres de l'Église des Nations, vivons pour manifester l'amour de Dieu aux personnes qui nous entourent. Ancrés en Jésus-Christ et dirigés par l’Esprit Saint, nous croyons que l’amour de Dieu est capable non seulement de changer des vies, mais aussi de transformer des familles, des quartiers, des villes, voire des pays! La meilleure façon de comprendre notre réalité est d'assister à la rencontre du dimanche matin ou à nos réunions dans les quartiers, où nous communions entre croyants en présence de l’Esprit Saint. Que vous croyiez ou non, vous êtes les bienvenus!

Carleton Place

Rachael & Etienne
Ken & Julie
Jono & Julie
Steve & Sarah

Central Ottawa

Megan & Rafael
Mike & Hazel
Ben & Maryann


Celestin & Esperance
Guerson & Grace


Jacob & Yvonne
Pat & Beth
Isak & Allison

Ministries Without Borders

All Nations Church is part of a network of churches that is governed by the apostolic oversight of Steve Wilkins. Ministries Without Borders is the name given to describe the various churches, ministries, peoples and initiatives that relate to Steve. It is imperative that Ministries Without Borders is not perceived as an organization or denomination, but as a grouping of people called and equipped by God to affect his change in the world today.